Layers Mash

Menengai Layers Mash is a highly palatable organic poultry feed with 17% protein. It has been specially formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of adult poultry. Menengai Layers Mash is tailored  to maintain bird health, keep birds laying well, produce good sized eggs and good yolk colour and shell quality. It can be fed either dry, or wet if preferred.

Point to note while feeding layers

Commercial feeds from a reliable feed store have all the nutrients in the right proportions that chicken need. A balanced diet is necessary for optimal growth and production. If you use a good diet that meets the dietary needs of your flocks, supplementing with other items will upset the balance of the diet. The ingredients used in different types of feed are similar, but the proportions vary depending on the particular chicken being fed. Each bag of feed is labeled with its specific use.

Common mistakes made with supplements include the following:

  • Providing vitamin and electrolyte supplements for more than 10 days
  • Supplementing complete feeds with cracked corn, oats, or other grains
  • Regularly adding green chops, lettuce, or other low nutrition ingredients to the diet
  • Administering inappropriate or unnecessary medication

A chicken’s daily consumption of feed depends on the composition of the diet. Chicken typically adjust their feed intake in order to meet their energy requirements. As the energy content of a diet increases, feed intake decreases, and vice versa. Environmental temperatures also play an important role in determining how much feed a flock will consume. During hot weather, feed intake decreases. Feed intake increases during cold weather as chicken consume more to supply the extra energy needed to maintain regulation body temperature.

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