Pig Starter mash

Menengai pig starter is a complete feed used for feeding suckling piglets.

  • Contains easily digestible proteins, milk proteins and lactose
  • Optimal ratio of amino acids
  • Optimal ratio of vitamins, micro and macro elements


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Benefits with Menengai Pig Starter:

  • Healthy, resistant and well-developed piglets
  • Reduced risk of diarrhea and mortality of piglets during suckling and the weaning period
  • Easy weaning, increased weight in weaning – with uniform weight of litter
  • Pleasant taste and smell-increased consumption of food in the first days of life of piglets
  • High digestibility and utilization of nutrients-solid growth and conversion
  • Efficiency in fight against pathogenic bacteria E. coli, K. pneumonia



10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 70kg


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